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Pradaxa Antidote Showing Promise In Clinical Trials

Pradaxa antidote

Pradaxa antidoteThe anticoagulant Pradaxa has generated substantial profit for Boehringer Ingelheim as an effective oral medication. Unfortunately, newer anticoagulants do not have some of the inherent safety mechanisms that older medications like warfarin and heparin do. Warfarin and heparin can both be countered with an antidote that will nullify their anticoagulant properties in the event of an emergency or severe reaction in the patient. That safety point makes warfarin and heparin preferable to many doctors for the well being of their patients.

Pursuing A Pradaxa Antidote

Boehringer Ingelheim has invested in developing a Pradaxa antidote that would provide the same kind of effect. The humanized antibody is called idarucizumab and was found to be safe and effective in initial human trials. The most important detail of the test is that none of the participants experienced any kind of coagulation rubber-banding effect. The coagulation properties went down and stayed down. Further studies are planned of a much larger number of patients.

The Importance Of A Pradaxa Antidote

Pradaxa was introduced in the United States in 2011. It has experienced huge success, generating approximately $1.6 billion in sales last year. Though there was no Pradaxa antidote to counter its potential side-effects, many doctors embraced it. There were claims that it caused worse bleeding than warfarin, but an FDA study in 2012 determined that the risks were about equal. The FDA is planning a study to compare the effects of Pradaxa with the effects of warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation. The introduction of a Pradaxa antidote should put many more doctors at ease in prescribing the medication.

The Use Of Other Anticoagulants

Pradaxa, warfarin, and heparin are not the only anticoagulants competing for market share. Xarelto and Eliquis together saw over $2 billion in revenue last year. These two meds are both “Factor Xa” inhibitors and presently do not have antidotes of their own, though Portola Pharmaceuticals is currently developing one called andexanet alfa that should be viable with both medications. The FDA has assigned andexanet alfa “break through” status and is currently being tested on healthy volunteers.

Legal Representation For Damages Caused By Anticoagulants

The news for Pradaxa antidotes is definitely good, but it does not change the fact that many patients have allegedly experienced damaging side-effects, namely gastrointestinal bleeding. Even though idarucizumab may make that a problem of the past, it does not help the patients who were negatively affected by the medication before a Pradaxa antidote could be developed.

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